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Looking for a Content Management Solution that is robust and affordable?

Content managementContent Management

MEDI gives customers the choice between using a cloud based service or a hosted service.  Customers can enjoy the benefits of a robust content management system with very low overhead and minimal startup investment.

Why to choose MEDI for you content management provider

For over 20 years MEDI has helped organizations just like yours get a handle on their document and content management.  Our content management solution powered by docStar will give your organization:


Intelligent Capture

Capture documents from any input device in any location to a centralized database that is accessible from multiple locations. Easily import and save documents from applications and file systems for automated indexing – Advanced OCR, Barcodes, Regex Pattern matching, and formatting.


Workflow Optimization

Easily create and edit content driven workflows using an intuitive graphical canvas, and create custom rules to process and route content for approval. Distribute items automatically based on business conditions and receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information.



Version Control

Track your document versions through multiple revisions in order to work collaboratively with multiple editors and provide an audit trail for all revisions for all editors, order of changes and record of saved versions. Be able to assign user access and document “states” for secure editing and be able to store unlimited number of revisions.


Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context searching. You can automatically perform the most commonly used searches (text, field, annotation, name) from a Google-style toolbar. You will be able to use simplified auto-complete or structured Boolean search to search the contents of the entire repository in seconds.

Living in the Cloud

Cloud-based content driven process automation and collaboration provides secure give you reliable service to rid your organization of the upfront costs associated with its servers.  While you will still being able to easily access and update information wherever you are, rather than having to run back to the office.



Advanced Workflow enables your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks and instantly access key information, participate in content workflows, and better extend collaboration to users on the go.

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