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Why Workflow Automation


Most businesses still have critical processes that are driven by paper workflow. Whether it’s accounting, human resources, or any another department, paper still plays the primary role of moving information from one employee to another. Data is extracted, routing decisions are determined, and approvals are made as the document moves from the inbox to the archive as the process completes. This workflow practice of – moving paper from station to station – hasn’t changed in generations, and an argument could be made it hasn’t changed much for an even much, much longer period of time.

How can workflow automation help my business?


More Efficient, More Effective

Easy to learn and simple to use; automated workflow reduces invoice processing time, eliminates data entry errors and increases productivity along every step of your AP workflow.



Powerful Integrations Make Your Job Easier

Eliminate duplicate data entry by accessing invoices and related documents within your accounting and ERP systems. Export data directly to Excel for even more flexible reporting.

Intelligent Data Capture Shows How Smart You Are

With intelligent data capture, invoice data is electronically extracted and categorized, then routed for two and three-way matching and approvals. Manual data entry and entry errors are eliminated.


Secure Access at Any Time, From Anywhere

Securely review, route and approve invoices from anywhere at any time, on any desktop or mobile device to ensure the procure-to-pay process is fast and efficient.

Being in Compliance is a Snap

Secure, permission-based access with audit trail make complying with accounting and industry regulations easier. The audit process is more manageable with onsite or remote access to the electronic data.


Free Up Your Budget for Better Investments

Paper, files, staples, paperclips, filing cabinets, printer supplies and storage. It adds up. Invoice processing with eclipse Smart AP Automation helps you to cut costs and increase productivity.







So tell me more…

These paper based systems work reliably, but do have limitations. Normally, there’s only a single image of the paper document, so if lost or misplaced the transaction grinds to a halt. Only one person has custody of the document at any invoice processingone time, so access by others is limited. With most processes requiring multiple steps with multiple hands involved, it’s difficult for management to get a real time grasp on whether the process is moving smoothly or bottle-necked. However, one of the biggest limitations of a paper based process is speed…the process can move only as fast as the paper can move from station to station.

What’s changed? As both computer hardware and software have become more powerful and much more affordable, we’ve witnessed the same with workflow solutions. They’ve been brought to the SMB market with attractive value propositions. Workflow solutions eliminate the tedious manual process and allow employees to spend less time managing documents and more time focused in business. Workflow provides improved document security and supports compliance efforts. Errors can be reduced and work can be processed much faster (and access to the work can be expanded outside the physical office).invoice processing

The newer systems offer workflow with varying degrees of functionality and required technical skills. Like other workflow systems, Eclipse Workflow can automatically route documents, send notifications, import/export data from other core systems, manage the approval process and create any number of steps or multiple branching of the workflow as required.

But here is where Eclipse workflow separates from the competition – with its powerful set of tools and the easy to use graphical design interface, configuring a workflow has never been easier to achieve. What used to take days of coding by skilled technicians can be done literally in a few hours or less. It doesn’t cost tens of thousands for workflow development; in many cases we’re able to deliver fully functional, tested workflows to customers quickly and efficiently, often within a day.

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