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Delivering a Better Accounts Payable Process

The Most Common Accounts Payable Process Problems

Multiple Formats: Collating invoices that come from different suppliers or cost centers in many different and delivery formats.

Errors From Data Entry: Errors associated with manual data entry in accounts systems.  Labor intensive processes required to input data further compounded if linked to different costs centers and possibly involving currency conversion.

Approval Time: Extended lead times due to manual routing, processing, and sign-off procedures involving individuals in different departments and possibly different countries.

Costs of Payment Processing: Inability to maximize financial benefits associated with payment schedules, such as discounts for early payments or avoiding fees for late payments.

Inefficient Reporting: Inability to easily audit invoice processing and payments to match up document flow with the accounting system.

Disorganized Document Management: Risk of document loss or damage, as documents are received at multiple input points and may be routed or classified incorrectly. High archive costs for compliance and account audits.

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Here is what else MEDI offers

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Business Solutions



We offer a full suite of business solutions to elevate your organization to the 21st century. These solutions include Accounts Payable Process Automation in addition to: Document Management Software, Enterprise Content Management and Back Office Optimization including HR



Paper Conversion



Due to legal requirements to keep files for long periods of time, the conversion of records into digital format ensures you’ll have access to critical documents.  Giving you  better view of your document management.



Library Services



MEDI, the Mid-Atlantic’s most trusted name in Microfilm and Microfiche retrieval has supported the challenge of accessing and providing modern formats of film assets proudly for over 30 years.  And as a result the Content Management of legacy film has never been easier.






Our support staff is professionally and factory certified and, we are committed to your organizations long term success. Because we are here to deliver the same level of professional service through the entire life cycle of your product and system.


MEDI made it a point to fully understand our paper generation and retrieval process, no other vendor took the time or went to that extreme to help us out.

-Reliable Contracting Company

Thank you for your professional support and we would recommend MEDI to anyone that wants to work with a top notch records management company.

-Town of Indian Head Maryland

We are finding that the microform machines are performing well, and our patrons report that they are, indeed, more “intuitive” that the previous equipment that we had in place.

-Hood College

The set-up and training provided by MEDI has proved to be excellent, which allowed for a smooth transition. I feel confident in recommending MEDI to anyone who deals with record management and security concerns.

-Town of Poolesville Maryland

The benefits of migrating to an electronic document storage solution have been extremely positive. We now save time and effort in the retrieval of document, research is effective and efficient, and we are able to ensure we are complying with the varying document retention regulations on all levels.

-St. Mary’s County Public Schools

Installation and training was a breeze and your technical staff was great. We had the system up and running within two hours and trained by mid afternoon. Whenever we had questions, during the initial start up process, MEDI’s staff was right there and very professional.

-Reliable Contracting Company

I want to say that the MEDI staff is top notch and a great partner/vendor that delivered an unprecedented solution that everyone should consider as part of their day to day operations.

-Kent County Public Schools

When we originally contacted MEDI about going paperless, we knew what a large undertaking it would be being an insurance company receiving hundreds of claims a day. The knowledgeable and helpful staff of MEDI has helped make the transition to paperless smooth.

-Hirsch Financial Services, Inc.

Now that we can submit our claims faster because the supporting documentation is available the same day that the patient is seen is simply icing on the cake!

-Advanced Medical Management

I had reviewed several electronic document storage solutions, but could not find a solution which provided a user friendly interface, capability, or modulation that MEDI’s document management solution provides. MEDI’s document management solution delivers the ability to easily scan, file, store, retrieve, and transmit documents which integrates into day-to-day business operations.

-St. Mary’s County Public Schools

We are proud to say that we are almost 100% paper free and we use MEDI’s document management system (DMS) in every department from accounting, human resources and pupil services and many others. We no longer have to deal with the paper process and expense, and when anyone needs to get a file it is a matter of a click of the button at any PC and the file is there in seconds.

-Kent County Public Schools

Document Imaging and the Public Sectors need for going Paperless

Document imaging needs of the public sector has grown significantly over the years. Historically the public sector has always “had a form for that” and subsequently has needed to store that form. And with the costs rising and budget shrinking the need for document imaging to cost effectively store all those forms. Now the public sector has been slower than the commercial sector to adopt electronic information, however, they are moving towards going paperless. Here are a couple of reasons why:

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Online forms and the future of document management

Online forms will revolutionize the document management industry. If they have not already. What we are talking about are forms that we as customers and consumers fill out for a variety of purposes. Some common examples are; when we start a new job and have to fill out all of the HR paper work, when you go to the doctors office, enroll your child in school, apply for a mortgage, and even when you fill out a customer service survey.

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How can I lower my invoice processing errors?

Does this sound familiar, last month my business lost money because of invoicing processing errors. Let me start at the beginning. As part of a solution set for our customers we buy high-end printers and scanners from a distributor for resale. We add a modest 5% margin to the cost of the unit and when we are able to pay our invoice early our distributor gives us a 2% discount, giving us a little extra profitability on the deal.

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Document Management is critical and is part of every business’s long term success. Therefore Automating the Accounts Payable Process enables organizations to better leverage technology and as a result improve profitability and process.  Though it doesn’t stop at just automating the accounts payable process, Human Resources and Accounts Receivable processes are areas where MEDI can help your organization improve profitability and process.

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